Worlds mental health day is celebrated all over the world on 10 October. Mental health day is celebrated on international level for education, awareness, and advocacy against social stigma. According to researches the world mental health day is firstly celebrated in 1992 with the members of global mental health organizations. In our society mostly youth and especially students suppressed their feelings that’s why their mental health is affected badly and they cannot perform a single academic task. The majority of the students take assignments and exam stress their mental health is affected. The best way to relieve the stress of assignments is to consider the online assignment help for their academic tasks.

Why world mental health is celebrated?

As from its name it is stated that world mental health is celebrated to provide awareness about mental health issues and their effects on human life. it is one of the major neglected areas of public health. Almost 3 billion people are suffering from mental health issues. Through the mental health awareness campaign, it is possible to identify mental illness in students. These mental health issues have a great impact on the mind and life of a student.

Why mental health is important for students?

There is a real connection between mental health and students. Helping students in their studies is everyone’s goal. But when the mental health of the students is disturbed then it is hard for the students to catch up with their studies. In this condition, it is best to take help from assignment helpers for free.  Students are struggling with real depression and other mental illnesses and feeling demotivated. And for effective learning, the students need to have a healthy mind without any stress.

Students in the time of exams take stress and tension that’s why their mental health is affected. Near-exam students can seek help from online exam help and decrease their tension level. Sometimes it is hard for the students to understand the topics than in such circumstances, students can take help from take my exam sites. These sites have experts who are willing to help students in the time of exams. Whenever students are stuck in any subject then they go for the online exam helpers.

Why students cannot take part in extracurricular activities?

On world mental health day, it is observed that many students can not leave their homes and take part in extra activities. Because their mental health can not allow them to adopt other hobbies. Even they can not prepare for their exams. For exams, students have a great chance to seek help from exam helpers. This is a great way to reduce the stress and anxiety level during exams.

At the time of assignments, students who are dealing with depression take assignments seriously and ignore their other hobbies. Being a student, it is essential to take part in other activities to relax the mind. But with assignment and exams anxiety the students can’t look up for their things.

Consequences of stress on students mental health

Many colleges and university students reported that their mental health interfering with their studies the whole time. When they sit to study then suddenly their mind goes off and they cannot think straight. And when they make assignments then it is hard for them to get good grades. In such conditions, students can seek help from assignment writing services. As mental health is one of the major problems that is observed in the students. It has many effects. The following points show the effect of mental health problems on students;

  • Mental health has a direct effect on the energy level of the students
  • Mental health has affected the concentration level of students
  • Mental health has also affected the mental ability of students

When students take the stress of assignments and exams then they indulge themselves in depression and depression is associated with lower grades. If students are worried about their grades, then they can seek help from assignment makers. Sometimes stress becomes depression and the situation leading to dropping out of school. Anxiety is one of the leading causes of failure in students. Students need to maintain their mental health and take help from online assignments help so they can secure good grades in their studies.

How can students improve their mental health?

This year, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a serious dramatic rise in mental health issues in students. Students are now experiencing a higher level of stress and anxiety during the papers and attending classes. It is hard for them to remember and learn new things. Now the students need to take some rest from the dangerous thoughts and regain their mental health. If students are suffering from mental illness, then they can improve their mental health with the various thing,

  • Get plenty sleep
  • Eat healthy all-day
  • Build a strong social support network
  • Disconnect from negativity
  • Socially active
  • Be grateful to others
  • Engage in other hobbies

Final verdict

Mental health illness has strong impact on the student’s life. Students’ health and life are so precious. In the time of education, it is essential to take care of mental health. For good grades students’ minds need to be active. And in depression and anxiety, it is hard for the students to pass their exams and assignments in one go. Those students who have anxiety and stress can not perform well in any stage of life.

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