As students, we all go through the significant exercise of Essay Writing. We all experience various types of Writing Styles and go through a range of easy and difficult topics. The Common Mistakes in Essay Writing in the students remains the same if they remain misguided or naïve enough to acknowledge the mistakes being marked in their essays. As, the teacher, delivering the Essay Writing Help is the core perspective one should be taught to the students. However, even after teaching the Essay Writing Skills students present the same corrections and without wisdom narration, then even the teacher will grade you with the lowest possible marks.

Either it’s Essay Writing in English, or in any other subject, the main thing the instructor is looking for in your essay is the words of wisdom or the piece of knowledge that is exciting and enjoyable, delivering the conscious elements to be remembered. However, when there is the absence of such knowledge with the addition of several mistakes and errors, such as grammatical mistakes or the using the inappropriate structure, the reading of the essay for the audience will become vague. And as for the teacher, it will be the low-grade work presented by you every time. Moving forward, I believe if any of you as the student is going through such problems receiving low marks in Essay Writing or on your Writing Style, then I have the suggestion, i.e. look for the Essay Writing Services or access the Essay Writing Help from the experts. You can contact us anytime, remember avoiding the problems of the low grades or perceiving that your teacher is biased or you are not the favorite in the class is inappropriate. The only thing you need to go through is your written and marked essay for once and consider the market mistakes you have performed and the comments delivered. In case if you are still confused, click here and submit your low-grade essay to us, our experts will provide you with Writing Styles guidance and the Essay Writing Examples, securing and preparing you for the future and promise of achieving good marks in Essay Writing.

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For now in order to provide you with the Essay Writing Help, addressing the mistakes that you might be doing in your Essay Writing in English or any other subject will be discussed in detail below. Go through them and do not panic if you have done the same in your recently submitted essay, these are common and there is nothing wrong if you have done it. Remember we commit mistakes and we learn from it, to secure use for the next time; let’s begin;

The Selection of Topic

One thing is clear if the Essay Topic is assigned by the instructors, then there are no complications in making the selection and investing your time researching the confusing paradigms. It is the easy stance, in which one will directly reach the structuring level, i.e. outlining the essay. However, the criticality is when you have to select the topic. Now, most of the students come up with the Essay Topic that sounds uninteresting, either being too common or not specified enough to be interesting. When you access the Essay Writing Help and the Essay Writing Services, the main technique for the topic selection is identifying the problem and then narrow it down to any of the specific factors, which are connected to the main cause or the event. Also, it should be of interest to you. For example, if one is interested in addressing the ‘Child poverty issues.’ Here, the topic is diverse, as there will be multiple factors impacting the problem. What one should do is to brainstorm and perform the research addressing the various paradigms and then narrowing your interest to any one of two of the connecting factors. Such as, ‘the illiteracy and the criminal record of the parents are impactful in the rise of child poverty,’ or ‘the marginal societies and the indigenous groups are suffering from lack of resources, adversely causing the child poverty.’ Here, there is the connectivity of two-three variables with the main area of concern, i.e. is ‘Child Poverty.’ The narrowing down of the topics results in making the path for discussing the facts and figures and the theories that can be perceived and will be presented as the practical issues and the solutions; as in terms of ‘Child Poverty,’ it is the real social issue. So, here we analyzed that students make the mistake of selecting the common topics for their convenience to write, focusing on less time investment and simple writing; however, if they focus on investing a significant amount of time and the narrowing down strategy to evaluate the causes or the factors their essay will appear as of high interest.

Lack of Structuring

Academically, the instructor always expects that the essay submitted has to be formally structured and should be written following the proper format. When you take the Essay Writing Help from the experts if you observe there is the adequate structuring of the essay. We are always committed to delivering you the formally formatted and structured essay. So, feel free to contact us. Now, as we are addressing the mistakes the students might have performed and maybe you have done similar mistakes in your essays, below are the steps that you should consider before initiating your essay.

Step 1: Analyze the Essay Topic

It is the stance, which is already discussed above. Nevertheless, suggesting again that identify the topic, which is of utmost interest to you and instead of sticking to the main topic, try to modify it to make it more critical and interesting.

Step 2: Research the Problems

It is the practice, which makes the selected problem critical and interesting. Remember, the example of ‘Child Poverty,’ is just the problem area; discussing the factors responsible for causing child poverty and the disasters it is creating and evaluating the solutions will make your essay practically informative and acceptable.

Step 3: Brainstorm the Ideas:

Brainstorming is the essential part of the Essay Writing Skills. As, the problem is researched and the connected factors are selected; now, the Essay Writing Service providers suggest brainstorming the details which need to be included. This can be done in terms of selecting the writing style, such as that of being narrative, descriptive, or argumentative, etc. It will give your Essay Writing an adequate flow. If you are looking for the suggestion of which style is the appropriate one and can score high, then you are welcomed to access our Essay Writing Help. Also, the suggestion is to learn the skills of conjecturing and criticizing. It is because, until and unless you will not discuss the topic, present the perspective, and critique or appraise it, the essentiality and the essence from your writing will remain missing and will sound uninteresting.

Step 4: Structure Essay

The basic structure of the essay is to include the introduction, followed by the critical discussion, and then the illustration of the conclusion. However, it can be modified, including various writing strategies. For understanding the structuring of the essays, you are provided with the Essay Writing Examples here.

Step 5: Align the Paragraphs

There are different styles in Essay Writing, as already mentioned earlier. However, there is the academic demand for following the Harvard, MLA, or APA writing styles. Apart from these, there is the major issue of aligning the paragraphs in the essays. It is the stance at which one has to articulate the paragraphs accordingly. Such as presenting the main idea, providing the evidence that is either supporting the main idea, or exhibiting the doubt or the contradiction. The proceeding efforts will include your opinion backing up with strong evidence or recommendation if you are against it. Now, focus on the second paragraph and remember that it should be in continuation; while, instead of repetition introduce the new idea and then follow the same structure of presenting the existing evidence, contradicting or accepting, ending the paragraph with conclusion and recommendations if required. For further help, reach here, the TEEL Structure in Paragraphs, efficiently discussed by our experts as the Essay Writing Help for you.

Step 6: Creating Transitions

Now, as we have discussed the alignment of the paragraphs and guided you to involve new related ideas in each of the paragraphs, the common mistake students make here is to exhibit the lack of connectivity. For example, you highlighted that most of the juvenile delinquency cases are having child poverty as the root cause, landing the children into the criminal zone. As, you are discussing child poverty and the criminal stance in one paragraph, focus on maintaining the connectivity in your Essay Writing. Such as after discussing Juvenile Delinquency as one correlated cause, initiate the other paragraphs with transitions. It includes using the words, ‘moving forward,’ ‘next,’ ‘first, second..,’ or ‘finally,’ etc. To further understand how to create the transition, contact our Essay Writing Service providers or reach to the Essay Writing Help and Essay Writing Examples, clarifying before you encrypt your next essay.

Grammatical Errors

In the past, the absence of the internet was having major issues for the teachers as they check the Essay Writing in English, filled with multiple grammatical errors. However, in the contemporary era, the significant presence of the internet has provided students with the opportunities of checking the grammatical errors online or even learning and clarifying their doubts on grammar when writing their essays. Still, there are various issues that teachers face while checking the essays, the mistakes in terms of spelling, punctuation, and tenses are common repetitive. Also, relying on Microsoft Word alone is not a substantial mechanism to correct grammatical errors. The best practice is to check the grammatical mistakes online and perform proofreading practice before submitting your essay. The common mistakes that are always huge in number and cut off your marks include the noun form issues and homophones engaged in the essays. In case, you are still confused in attending to your grammatical learning or correction needs; contact us and access our Essay Writing Help and Essay Writing in English features, presenting you with substantial and innovative material of essay; also delivering the services of correcting the grammatical errors.

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Till now if you are vigilant enough in your reading practices, you have identified that we discussed repetition terminology while discussing the ‘lack of structuring’ mistake, in steps 5 and step 6. Here, we will clarify it further for you. When the students seek our Essay Writing Services, we assure them the exceptional quality work and guide them with various Essay Writing Skills. Also, we present them with the “don’ts” of the essay. In relevance to the repetition stance, while Essay Writing, one should avoid repetition of idea and argument to be repeated if already discussed. Besides, avoid repeating the essential phrases and words. The reason is if you keep on repeating what you have already discussed earlier in a detailed manner or have launched the criticism, presenting it over and over again will not only lose the interest of the reader but will present your essay as nothing new, and deviating from the topic. It is a common mistake, which makes your essay look vague, written in the shortest possible time, or either copy-pasted, resulting in loss of the marks. For example, if you have discussed that poverty within the family or the social causes the children to opt for criminal grounds. Avoid repeating it in the new paragraph. As the idea is already shared. The solution is to bring the next connected reality into the light and then discuss it relating it to your topic. Our Essay Writing Service emphasizes practice the generation of new ideas at each new paragraph level and this practice has to be done when you are planning the structure of the essay or developing the outline. So there will be low chances of distracting or procrastinating, while you are writing your essay.

Now remember few of the things:

It is not bad to make the mistake, but learning from the mistakes made and correcting them in the future is effective.

Also, in any kind of help required, we are here to help you in your Essay Writing, assuring you earning of high marks in your essays.

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